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UBU Women Collab

This collab came from a place where two women who have faced similar nervousness from trying something new, wanted to support other women who felt similar emotions when trying something new and different. We hoped to have created a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone to dance their hearts out.

This event was held at Centre Circle - a special space that used to be a Boat Warehouse.

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International Dance Day with Olive Ankara

We celebrated International Dance Day 2022 with Olove Ankara with a special African Dance Challenge where we challenged our communities to various dance moves from Africa.

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Flashmob @ Canvas & Weaves Pop up

It is hard to say no when your Afrodance student makes a special request for you to do a Bollywood flashmob for her Diwali Festive Pop up and it is even harder to say no when her brand is Canvas & Weaves, so I pulled out my Bollywood moves from my Zumba days!

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RELEASE @ Raffles Place

RELEASE @ Raffles Place was a wellness event organised by Raffles Place Alliance in celebration of World Mental Health Day 2022. The event invited everyone to refresh and rejuvenate themselves through an array of activities and workshops.

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