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African Masai in Traditional Dress


15th to 24th November 2024

Join me for a once-in-a-lifetime African dance experience at the AWJ Retreat in Kenya in 2024. This retreat promises to offer a truly holistic experience that will push your boundaries, help you connect with others, yourself, Africa and most importantly, have fun. I can't wait to share my love for African dance and culture with you in this beautiful setting!


  • Indulge in 8 to 10 hours of Afro Dance Classes ranging from fitness-oriented sessions to beginner and intermediate levels.

  • Get ready to be immersed in the vibrant dance culture of Nairobi with Kenyan Afro Dancers, experiencing the rhythms and movements firsthand.


  • Reflect and connect with yourself and the community during a guided journaling session.

  • Reconnect and rejuvenate your body with yoga stretches and relaxing massages.

  • Experience the beauty of Kenya's wildlife and beaches through trips outside Nairobi.

  • Immerse yourself in Kenyan culture through local dishes and the Maasai Market, connecting with local artisans and traditions.

Push Boundaries

  • The retreat will offer insights into organizations pushing boundaries in various fields.

  • You will have the opportunity to visit organizations like the Cheza Cheza Foundation, Overcomers by Grace (Special Needs Program) and get firsthand experiences of their impactful work.

  • Participate in a sanitary pad program, gaining awareness and education while learning to hand-sew pads to support the initiative.

Overall, the AWJ Retreat in Kenya aims to provide a transformative experience where participants not only learn and grow but also connect deeply with themselves, the local community, and the rich cultural and natural heritage of Africa.
*Program is subject to changes*


Thank you for your interest in the AWJ Retreat.

We will be sending you updates soon!

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