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Do I need to have previous dance experience?

Not at all! This class is for anyone who likes African dance, African music (especially Afrobeats), who wants to get out of their comfort zone and try something different in a judgement-free space.

What do I wear and bring to the class?

Comfort is key! Wear clothes or gym wear that allows you to move freely. Sports shoes are encouraged, but feel free to dance barefooted whenever you like. Please bring a bottle of water too!

What can I expect in an African dance fitness class by Afrowithjeevi?

Expect to have fun. 
Expect to make friends. 
Expect to get out of your comfort zone.
Expect to make mistakes.
Expect to laugh.
Expect to have an experience.

How do I book a class?

Contact 97263953 or drop us an email at

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