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6 CLASS PACKAGES @ $198 ($33 per class)

12 CLASS PACAKGES @336 ($28 per class)


The AWJ package is about showing up for yourself, for the community and for that version of you that did not have a safe space to dance your soul out.

It is flexible

The 12 class package is valid for 4 months.

It is shareable

if YOU WANT A COMMITTED NUDGE QUEEN/KING TO DO CLASSES WITH OR IF you can’t finish the classes, you can still share it with a friend.

You save $$

You will be saving $12 for 6 class packages and $84 for 12 class packages.


You will get a free 30 min video bundle that you can use anytime, anywhere. So, if you are traveling for an extended period of time and want a lil Afro Dance fix, we got you!


PLUS your packages can be used for virtual classes and one-off workshops (both unavailable on ClassPass, unfortunately)


You may have had negative experiences with dance or exercise, or lacked a safe, non-judgemental space for such activities which has made committing to dance or exercise a challenge.

I have had similar experiences which is why when someone tells me that the AWJ classes have enablED them to rediscover joy in moving their bodies, and break free from a negative relationship with exercise, it reaffirms the purpose behind AWJ.

An AWJ package helps keep you accountable to a space created for you.


The AWJ tribe - a tribe that shows up.


With the various shifts that have happened with AWJ, I am so glad that everyone has been so supportive of the new instructors, me being in Kenya and well everything else. And part of the reason is that sense of community, familiarity.


The more we see each other whether in-person or online, the more comfortable we get, the more we share and well the more we dance.

An AWJ package helps keep the tribe alive.

Build confidence

As you might know, dance choreography is not my thing. Being here in Kenya doing all these dance choreography classes have definitely been out of my comfort zone. But doing 2-3 classes every week is definitely building my confidence with it.


and hey if I make a mistake, so what right? So what I am trying to say is that as we keep showing up, acknowledging the fear and discomfort that comes with it, we get more confident at doing what we want to do, in the studio/online and in life.

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