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Embrace the Culture, Feel the Energy, Join the Movement.

Updated: Jul 9

Hello everyone,

I’ve heard from a few of you who are hesitant about joining the Afrodance Event and the retreat in Kenya because you don’t feel like you are good enough dancers. Firstly, I want to acknowledge these fears and hesitations—your feelings are absolutely valid. I’d like to share a few pointers to consider:

It is about the CULTURE

When I step into a class in Kenya, I forget about whether or not I am a good enough dancer because everyone is so welcoming. For them, it’s really about sharing their dance culture. Some moves and music have deeper meanings, and some are an expression of themselves that deserves to be shared and felt.

It is about the ENERGY and CONNECTION

The people who join the classes in Kenya often do not consider themselves “dancers” either. They come for the energy, the vibe, and the connection. Last year’s event saw people from various communities—Kizomba, twerkfit, dancehall, Afrodance choreo, AWJ, and even those just wanting to try something new. After a while, all those lines blurred, and we were all just one—it was magic.

It is about feeling the fear AND doing it anyway

You’re allowed to feel the fear, but don’t let it keep you from experiencing East Africa through dance and discovering what you are capable of. Something I often tell athletes I work with (as a Sport Psychologist) is to use the word “AND”—you can feel what you feel AND do differently. Trust me, I have felt that fear too. I feel it just organizing this event, but I know it’s important, and I am here for it fully, whether or not we sell out.

It is about a MOVEMENT

The pillars of AWJ—dance, connect, and push boundaries—resonate now more than ever. This event transcends the joy you'll experience, the connections you'll form, and the physical and mental boundaries you'll push. It’s about the sense of freedom and the inspiration you’ll provide. Imagine a young boy or girl in Africa watching dancers like Angel and Chiluba, who have pushed their limits to create opportunities for future dancers. Your participation impacts lives beyond the event. Every ticket sold contributes to a larger cause. This is not just another event; it’s a movement.

Thank you for being a part of this movement with me. 💛


Here are the links for the event and retreat -

The AWJ Retreat:

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